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We seek a motivated Research Technologist to join a research lab in the Ocular Genomics Institute (OGI) at the Massachusetts Eye and Ear in Boston, MA. The successful candidate will carry out molecular biology, cell biology and genetic research studying inherited retinal degenerations under the supervision of Drs. Bujakowska and Pierce. The ideal candidate will have molecular biology background and experience in RNA and DNA isolation, PCR, cDNA synthesis and cloning into a plasmid vector. The candidate will work with a large DNA collection, which requires high level of meticulousness. Experience in working with animal and cell-based models would be an asset, as the candidate may perform some experiments in zebrafish. The candidate must be able to execute the experiments with precision and understanding of theory behind methods used. The candidate must be reliable, organized, independent, and able to multi-task. Depending on the experience of the candidate, he/she may take a role of a senior technician or a lab manager.


  • Carries out a variety of research experiments using techniques that include but are not limited to: RNA and DNA isolation; cDNA synthesis; PCR; cloning into plasmid and virus vectors; primer design; immunohistochemistry.
  • Maintains and performs experiments with human and animal cell lines, including but are not limited to: Isolation of primary cells; transfection; transduction and in vitro differentiations.
  • Uses computer software or programs to perform primer design, sequence analyses, construction of plasmids, etc.
  • Records, graphically displays, and presents pertinent information obtained from research activities through preparation of charts, illustrations, slides, statistical summaries graphs, and written/narrative reports. Provides information that will typically be used as a basis for further investigation and/or for inclusion in publication(s).
  • Operates and maintains a variety of moderately complex lab equipment such as scales, centrifuges, thermal cyclers, and other scientific apparatus and equipment related to research activities. Performs basic maintenance on laboratory equipment (cleans, disassembles, stores, replaces worn parts) and reports equipment requiring more advanced repair.
  • Helps monitor supply inventory, and order supplies for general lab use.
  • The candidate may also work with zebrafish or mouse models, including: caring for and maintaining colonies, animal surgery and tissue processing.


Bachelors degree in biological sciences or a related field with 3+ years of experience working in a research lab. The ideal candidate will have experience with molecular biology techniques such as PCR, DNA/RNA extraction, cloning

Please indicate whether you are authorized to work for any company in the United States, whether you have a work permit and if you do have a work permit, what type it is.


Laboratory environment with designated desk, phone lines and computer.


Consistent with standard office environment.

Job Opportunity at Massachusetts Eye and Ear

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