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Eikonizo Therapeutics, Inc. is a small biotech startup founded in October 2017 based on discoveries around novel small molecule design and human PET neuroimaging agents. ‘Eikonizo’ (ee-kuh-NEE-zo) is Greek for ‘envision’  or ‘imagine’ and captures our strategy to use PET imaging early in the drug discovery process to de-risk novel targets and lead therapeutic candidates, allowing us to envision an accelerated path to drug discovery and development. This is especially needed for brain diseases, where drug development is typically hampe4red by the inability to measure whether a drug has even gotten to the brain. We’re applying this approach in our lead project focusing on novel small molecule therapeutics for neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer’s Disease and ALS.

Research Associate, R&D

We are seeking a talented, curious, and enthusiastic Research Associate to enable our pipeline of existing experiments and adapt to growing needs of our drug discovery effort. The main responsibility for this position involves evaluation of cellular and biochemical responses to novel small molecules to facilitate refinement of leads from our Medicinal Chemistry team. The employee will report to the Director of R&D but will interface with everyone in our small and affable team. As one of the first hires for this new and fast-moving biotech startup in LabCentral (Kendall Square, Cambridge), the successful candidate will have a unique career development opportunity to be involved in the scientific, operational, and strategic direction of this young exciting company. We’re looking for someone who shares our passion that we are on the edge of something new and important in the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases and is prepared to help us make a big impact.


  • Strong scientific background in related field (Neuroscience, Biochemistry, Biology, other), BS with 4+ years or MSc with 2+ years of relevant experience within the academic or industry sectors
  • Professional quality of basic laboratory skills (pipette use, solution preparation, calculations, aseptic technique) is imperative
  • Experience in maintaining and manipulating cells in culture; direct experience with SH-SY5Y cells is strongly desired
  • Experience in all stages of Western Immunoblotting (sample prep, blot execution, analysis)
  • Direct knowledge of immunofluorescence imaging of cells (fixed and live-cell imaging)
  • Fluency in data collection and documentation is essential, including data management and analysis using software tools such as Excel, GraphPad Prism, and Image Studio

Expectations for this position include

  • Outstanding organization, independent work ethic, and productivity
  • Rapid understanding of scientific goals; ability to acquire new skills quickly
  • Self-driven attitude to efficiently execute high quality science with minimal oversight
  • Fluid communication with all team members
  • Clear, concise style for daily documentation of experimental details in a lab notebook
  • Openness and mature response to scientific challenges and feedback

Location and Benefits

We are based at LabCentral (Cambridge, MA), a shared laboratory facility currently home to approximately fifty small companies and an impressive registry of successful Alumni companies. Beyond creature comforts like perpetually free snacks and coffee, LabCentral offers the opportunity to network with diverse scientists on a daily basis. Eikonizio offers a generous benefits package.

Interested applicants should email their resumé ( 2 pages) and a brief ( 250 words) personal statement to hiring@eikonizo.com
Please format the subject line of the email as: “first initial followed by last name: RA Application”
e.g. applicant Jenny Smith would send her application materials using the subject line:
JSmith: RA Application


Job Opportunity at Eikonizo Therapeutics

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